Palacios Pet Pals has another heartwarming story about one of our rescued dogs. His name is Jake and he is a Catahoula Leopard dog that was in our care for several months. He was found out on a country road looking very bad from lack of food and water. His luck changed when a very nice man picked him up and brought him to our shelter. Jake’s foster mom received a call saying they had seen Jake on petf inder.com and wanted to meet him. The family drove all night from Louisiana to pick up Jake and take him to Tennessee. It was love from the beginning. Off he went with his new family.

Update on Jake: He is such a wonderful dog. We are amazed at how smart he is. We believe that he is the smartest dog we have ever owned and we have had several (we are in our 70’s). My wife fell going down the stairs and Jake saved the day. He saw her fall and was there immediately. He stood very close to her so she could put her arms around him and then pulled herself up enough to stand and use her cell phone and called me. He then sat back and waited for further instructions. My wife would not have been able to get up if Jake had not been there with her. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Palacios Pet Pals for letting us adopt Jake. It is a match made in heaven.

Patches and Mr. Jackson

My name is Patches and I have a story to tell. I am 13 years old and last year my wonderful owner died. She took great care of me and loved me so much. Her grandson kept me for a year and when he found a girlfriend she said I had to go. I am living with a foster parent now but there are so many of us she can't keep me in the house. I have a great bed on the screened in porch but I have always been inside and it is so confusing. Maybe someone will see my picture and read my story and want me. I love to sit on laps and I don't weigh much. I do have a few more years left and would be a good companion for someone. Meet Larry Jackson age 66 and a resident of 3 months in the nursing home. It was love at first sight for these two. I don't know who needed who the most. Mr. Jackson was born in Arkansas and has lived all over the United States. He is a very educated man but I figured that one out when I noticed he was reading a book about Einstein. He is an ordained Methodist Minister but became Catholic later in life. He does try to teach Bible lessons to some of the people in the nursing home. His closest family member is a daughter in Iowa which he does see on occasion.

Adoption Stories

Willow's Rescue

I would like for everyone to know my story. I don’t know why it happened but I was put out of a vehicle and left on a country road with no food or water. I did not recognize any of my surroundings, I was so scared I hid in a culvert . I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve this, maybe because I am going to have puppies and have the mange so bad that I don’t have any hair. Several people stopped to try and catch me but I did not recognize them so I was afraid. Members of Palacios Pet Pals came to my rescue. I was terrified at first and growled but then I realized they wanted to help me. They put me in a kennel and took me to their shelter where I was given food water and a place to have my puppies.

​Palacios Pet Pals received a call from a kind man that found a very pregnant dog on a county road. We spent several hours trying to gain her confidence and finally won. It is hard to believe a person could do something like this to one of Gods creatures. We have chosen to name her Willow. When we finally managed to get her into a kennel she calmed down and appeared to relax. One can only wonder what she might be thinking.

Willow made it into a Dallas Weimer rescue. She is now in a foster home where she is very loved and cared for.